Haemorrhoid banding is one of the best options for treating haemorrhoids. It’s a minimally invasive procedure, that does not require anaesthesia, it has a short procedure time, and produces lasting results for patients. Many clinicians have questions about performing the procedure and choosing the best haemorrhoid banding ligator and suction device.

Whether you are new to the procedure of haemorrhoid banding or have been providing the service for years, you should be using the best tools for the job. That includes finding the best haemorrhoid ligator and suction device.

Why Use Suction in Haemorrhoid Banding Ligation?

The aim of haemorrhoid banding is to attach a small rubber band to the base of a haemorrhoid, which restricts blood flow to the tissue. Within a few days, the band dries up and naturally detaches.

This procedure is brief and straightforward. However, before applying the band, it’s important to position the haemorrhoidal tissue correctly. Essentially, you need to make it protrude. By pulling the tissue away from the rectal wall, you can easily slide the band over the top and onto the base. This is where suction comes into play and proves to be invaluable.

Ligators Without Suction

While ensuring proper positioning of the haemorrhoid is a crucial step in the procedure, not all haemorrhoid banding devices use suction. Many devices, particularly traditional metal instruments available in the market, rely on forceps instead. There are also disposable plastic models that use forceps. The forceps may be a separate tool or integrated into the ligator itself.

Although forceps are functional and can work, they are not the optimal choice. Metal clamps can cause discomfort, especially if the doctor applies excessive pressure. Some patients may even find the process painful and unpleasant.

Additionally, using forceps alongside a ligator requires the doctor to utilise both hands during the procedure.

Haemorrhoid Ligation With Incorporated Suction Device

Some haemorrhoid ligators available in the market incorporate built-in suction functionality. With these instruments, the doctor can perform the procedure without the assistance of an external suction source.

This type of instrument employs a plunger system to generate suction. The clinician moves the plunger forward and then gently withdraws it, activating the suction and enabling the guidance of the Haemorrhoid into the instrument’s barrel before applying the band. Once the band is in place, the doctor can reduce the suction and release the tissue.

It is important to note that this method also requires the use of both hands. It can be a cumbersome and difficult procedure and requires an assistant to help the clinician. It is not a simple procedure and is often unreliable, due to limited suction generated.

External Suction Devices for Band Ligator

Thankfully, forceps and incorporated plunger systems are not the only option when isolating the haemorrhoid tissue during the rubber band ligation procedure. Suction from an external source provides a more pleasant alternative, as it effectively holds the Haemorrhoid in place gently and evenly while keeping the patients comfortable, all by the use of one hand only.

Some haemorrhoid ligators can be connected to a separate suction device. A central suction system is often provided in hospitals or inexpensive portable devices are commonly used in offices, that operate with batteries or are simply plugged into an electrical socket. These devices are reusable for multiple patients.

The advantage of using an external suction source for Haemorrhoid banding is that it allows the doctor to free up one hand, eliminating the need to handle forceps or awkward plungers. The clinicians spare hand is generally used to hold a proctoscope to examine the patient. Furthermore, the doctor can usually adjust the suction level of the device as needed, providing reliable, optimum suction, precision control over the procedure.

The Best Suction Source for Your Haemorrhoid Ligator?

Which haemorrhoid ligation suction device should you use?

An external-suction disposable ligator is the most convenient and reliable method of treating your patients’ Haemorrhoids. It provides consistent, reliable, high levels of suction, while also being extremely cost effective. The convenience and procedure time saved, compared to using a self-generating suction device, is undeniable.

The Haemoband Plus Multi-Band Ligator is the very best affordable, easy-to-use instrument for banding internal Haemorrhoids without uncomfortable forceps or unreliable, awkward to use built in suction mechanisms. It has the added benefit of having four pre-loaded bands for additional convenience.

To learn more about the opportunity to use the Haemoband-Plus in your colorectal clinic or hospital, contact Haemoband Surgical Ltd or email info@haemobandsurgical.com.

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