HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope

Self-illuminating Disposable Patented Design

The HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope is a single use, self-illuminating and fully disposable proctoscope for use in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the anal canal and lower rectum.

simple, fast, reliable and ready to use.

  • Ready to Use
  • Patient Focus
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Designed with Purpose
  • Cost effective
  • Clinically more efficient

Ready To Use

With a fully integrated, battery powered, high intensity LED light, the HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope is ready for use straight out of its package. At the end of the procedure the LED module is easily detached from the main body of the device, allowing for easy and safe disposal in line with most local regulations.

Fast and Efficient

The innovative Comfort Sleeve provides the clinician with the flexibility to position the Proctoscope at any angle. This makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient and easier for the clinician.

Designed With Purpose

The HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope tube is intentionally larger in diameter to facilitate procedures such as the banding of haemorrhoids or taking a biopsy. The larger diameter tube has no negative impact on the patient due to the Comfort Sleeve technology.

Patient Focus

The HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope’s unique Comfort Sleeve, is first introduced using the Trocar. The Proctoscope tube is then inserted through the sleeve using the handle and with the benefit of the integrated light module providing full illumination.

Thanks to the protective sleeve the Proctoscope can be introduced further, rotated freely or withdrawn entirely without causing discomfort for the patient.

The patented technology – the unique operation of the Comfort Sleeve and the Proctoscope – allows for partial or complete removal of the Proctoscope, without any patient discomfort.

How Does The Comfort Sleeve And Locking
Mechanism Work?

In developing the HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope our primary aim was to improve patient comfort while at the same time creating new generation instrument that would be easier to use for clinicians.

The HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope’s Comfort Sleeve and Locking Technology solves this problem. The Comfort Sleeve (inserted using the Trocar) effectively shields the sensitive tissue below the dentate line. The HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope can then be inserted multiple times and rotated 360° without any discomfort to the patient. The Comfort Sleeve also works as a barrier and starting point for where Haemorrhoids banding or any other procedures should take place.

Our innovative and patented Locking Technology prevents accidental removal of the Proctoscope when in use, thereby eliminating unnecessary patient discomfort. The locking mechanism is engaged by correctly aligning the main body tube of the Proctoscope with the inserted Comfort Sleeve. Once the Proctoscope is threaded through the correct alignment it is free to move radially but is inhibited from being removed by three integral raised stoppers.


This is an educational Video on the use of the correct use of the Haemoband HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope delivered by Essam Ghareeb, our Medical Director and inventor of the device.