Haemoband-PLUS Band Ligator

Designed by a surgeon for use by surgeons

simple, fast, reliable and ready to use.

  • Pre-loaded nozzle
  • Multi-action handle
  • Disposable gun
  • Clean bag
  • Attachment for suction
  • Cost effective
  • Clinically more efficient
Ready To Use

No Preparation is needed. The product is presented ready to use in an individual heat-sealed medical grade pack.

Single Clinician Operation

One clinician can do it all. With our dual-action handle the clinician simply presses to the marked line on the trigger, which induces suction and secures the haemorrhoid. The clinician then fully compresses the trigger to release the band. Our bands have a smooth, rounded finish, enabling them to easily roll off the Haemoband nozzle and onto the haemorroids.

Clear & Transparent Procedure

A transparent nozzle end gives maximum vision throughout the procedure, enabling the user to both see and feel when a haemorrhoid has been adequately secured.

Automatic Reloading

As soon as one band has been released another is ready for the next application. Simply let go of the trigger and let the product do the work. Band application can be repeated immediately.

Comfort & Care

Made for extra comfort and care. Bands deliver maximum elasticity and tightness

High Success Rate

Highly effective haemorrhoid treatment – 96% success of procedures taking 2 minutes or less to complete).


A quick procedure with enhanced precision control for the clinician.

One Simple Procedure

All haemorrhoids are treated during one procedure. A patient will only ever be treated for up to 3 haemorrhoids during one procedure. The product comes with 4 bands to ensure all haemorrhoids can be treated at once, with an additional band included as a spare.

How is the Haemoband-PLUS Band manufactured?

Watch this video courtesy of Denroy Plastics.