The multi-band ligator that’s simple

fast, reliable and ready to use

Watch how a surgery has benefited from the use of Haemoband in their practice.  A clinician explains how straight-forward it is to use with excellent outcomes for the patient.

This video comes courtesy of Hallmark Surgical.

We had great results from our surgeries in Basurto (Bilbao). We treated 12 patients in two hours or less. The clinicians all said that this device is much more comfortable and easy to use compared with the alternatives. We tried another 7-8 other different banding devices but the Haemoband Plus is by far the best. We are really pleased with the product and with your support. We now have three big hospitals that will start with the banding in the near future and we notice that there is a definite increase in acceptance of this method. We need to place another order of Haemoband Plus very soon.

Gonzalo Puente GómezBilbao

The Haemoband is currently the best multi-ligator on the market. The Haemoband Plus ligator wins in a side by side comparison with the alternative solutions. We are very happy with this device.

Mark TaffaHorten Medical pty , Australia

I have always found the Haemoband reliable, simple and comfortable to operate, and a great improvement over the reusable banding devices of the past, with their frustrating and awkward need for band reloading. The Haemoband Plus device saves on time, especially in the middle of a busy clinic or endoscopy list. It's a great device!

ConsultantUlster Hospital, Northern Ireland