Gold Standard Haemorrhoid Treatment

Haemoband-PLUS is the multi-band ligator designed to be the most clinically efficient, easy to use, and cost effective device for treating haemorrhoids. It delivers excellent performance using patented technology without compromise on patient comfort or surgeon handling.  

Rubber band ligation using the Haemoband-PLUS device with its four pre-loaded bands, is the most efficient treatment for symptomatic 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree haemorrhoids. The procedure can be performed as an outpatient procedure (same-day surgery) in less than 5 minutes, without anaesthetic. 

Watch our video to find out more about the Haemoband Plus device.

The HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscopes

The HB-SleeveLUX proctoscopes are self-illuminating and fully disposable, for the use in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the anal canal and lower rectum. They have a unique, patented Comfort Sleeve technology design that allows for enhanced patient comfort and a simple, more convenient application.

The HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope’s unique Comfort Sleeve, is first introduced using the Trocar. Thanks to the protective sleeve the Proctoscope can be introduced further, rotated freely or withdrawn entirely without causing discomfort for the patient. The HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope tube is intentionally larger in diameter to facilitate procedures such as the banding of haemorrhoids or taking a biopsy. The larger diameter tube has no negative impact on the patient due to the Comfort Sleeve technology.

Watch our video to find out more about the HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope devices.

Watch how this surgeon has benefited from the use of Haemoband-PLUS in her practice.  She explains how straight-forward it is to use and the excellent outcomes for the patient.

This video comes courtesy of Hallmark Surgical.

Haemoband attended MEDICA 2022  – watch how we showcased our innovative range of Hemorrhoid Band Ligation and Proctoscope / Anoscope products.

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