Haemoband, Proctoscope, Sigmoidoscope and Combo-Set

We have developed an innovative system for performing Rigid Sigmoidoscopy and Proctoscopy. These are invaluable procedures performed in the Outpatients clinic and prove very beneficial for patients. It has become quite common for some clinicians to avoid these procedures and instead to refer patients for Colonoscopy or Flexible Sigmoidoscopy. As a result, the waiting lists for these latter procedures have climbed to unmanageable highs.

Difficulties in performing Rigid Sigmoidoscopy and Proctoscopy in the outpatient setting include patient discomfort, especially during the repeated insertions of the instruments and during rotation. Difficulties in equipment include attaching the light source, the disposal of batteries (if used to provide disposable light source), a large amount of disposable plastic
and the cost.

We have developed a system that integrates the parts, reduces the patient’s discomfort, facilitates disposal and reduces cost.
There will be 3 different packs available: A Proctoscope, a Sigmoidoscope and a combined set pack, we call Combo-set.

We will produce larger diameter Proctoscopes and Sigmoidoscopes which will facilitate procedures as biopsy, excision and banding of haemorrhoids. Smaller versions are also in production.

Look out for these exciting new products due for release later this year

Smart NG tube

This Device will change an uncommunicative tube to a smart tube. It will provide a clinician with feedback, showing on screen, its shape within the body at all times during the procedure. This valuable information will prevent the disastrous complications of
misplacing an NG tube. It will also eliminate the inconveniences associated with obtaining X-Rays, which often have to be repeated during NG feeding.

This is achieved by using sensors, sophisticated electronics, wireless communication and a visual screen. This system will provide a state-of-the-art NG tube at a greatly reduced overall cost compared with the current solution of standard tubes and X-Ray film. A better solution at a cheaper cost.