How to use Haemoband

Step by step guide

  1. Remove the multi-ligator from the airtight non-sterile pack.
  2. Attach a flexible tube from an approved medical suction pump or system using the universal connector located at the bottom of the multi-ligator handle. The shaped tip of the multi-ligator minimises the pressure required for excellent suction. This allows the unit to perform effectively over a wide pressure band range. It works best when suction levels are above 600 mmHg (which is 80 kpa).
  3. Introduce the multi-ligator through the anoscope. Place the tip of the multi-ligator on the haemorrhoid and gently squeeze the trigger to induce suction.
  4. Continue to pull the trigger to its final position to apply the band, then release the trigger to reduce the suction and free the haemorrhoid. For perfect results, simply apply the end of the nozzle against the tissue and gently squeeze the trigger half way along its path of movement until the suction is automatically applied, hold for a second, complete the movement and then release.
  5. When the trigger is released, the multi-ligator is automatically reloaded with the next band ready for immediate use on another haemorrhoid on the same patient.
  6. After use, dispose of the multi-ligator in an approved manner.