The multi-band ligator that's simple, fast, reliable and ready to use.

Better for patients

Because Haemoband is so easy to use, the application of up to three bands can be completed very quickly (procedure times are reduced to between 2 & 4 minutes) and with minimal fuss, making the procedure much more comfortable and less traumatic for the patient. The design of Haemoband allows for much more accurate applications, reducing complications and the need for additional procedures and because the product is single-use and disposable, it negates any risk of cross-contamination.

Better for nurses

No mess, no fuss, no need to reload. Haemoband is preloaded with 4 bands. Each band is automatically reloaded and positioned for the next application, by simply releasing the handle of the gun. There are also no extra parts to the gun itself, the only requirements being for suction and a proctoscope, so Haemoband is easy to store and easy to find.

Better for surgeons

Haemoband is designed perfectly for its job. Its multi-action handle controls suction, fires and reloads bands by squeezing and releasing the gun with one hand, leaving your other hand free to hold a proctoscope and allowing you to work alone. With little preparation, you can keep your patients happy by completing the procedure quickly and with little fuss.

Haemoband Surgical Animation